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Jojoba beads exfoliate as they fortify the structure of its compassionate pedestal.  Stimulating. Invigorating. Revitalizing.


Your face will thank you for this fantastic amalgam.  Gentle round jojoba beads mechanically exfoliate while also encouraging circulation and cell renewal.  Simultaneously, lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) and salicylic acids (beta hydroxy acids) work to break down the bonds of dead skin cells and environmental residue.  This combination of soft exfoliation allows the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory oils to penetrate the surface of the face - hydrating and balancing the lower epidermal layers.  After a gentle rinse, your face is hydrated, younger feeling, healthier and fresh.  Gentle enough to use daily - too beneficial to use less.


Uses:  gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin, cleans and hydrates


Best for:  everyone, sensitive skin, all skin types


Ingredients:  meadowfoam oil, jojoba beads, coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, fresh raw goat milk,  glycerin, preservative, fragrance

Revitalizing Scrub, 2 oz

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