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Our Story

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I could not be more opposed to in the box. I see the world less defined by tradition and often challenge preset paths.  Our farm is named Ensemblage (On-som-blidge), a concoctive mix of assemblage and ensemble; beauty created in the combination of many unrelated objects and interests viewed as a collective whole.  We like to say it borders being a “curation that cannot be curated.”

As it goes, the science and luxury of Ouro SKINCARE products find harmony in country living.  Why must natural mean naturalist? Where neither is dissatisfactory, the skin care market has drawn a line separating consumers into cataloged camps of organic vs laboratory.  Value propositions and perceived values have the two vowing the other is “too simple” or “overly engineered.”  I wanted to develop a skin care line with world class results through a coalesce of science understood skin health from the fewest and purest sources; Ouro was born.

Juliana Kuhlwein

Founder of Ouro SKINCARE


Like maybe you, an evening dress has its place in my closet yet below is my favorite set of work boots for those cold mornings out with the herd.  My life requires the right skin care products and my tastes require uncompromising results.  I think there are a lot of us out there. Raw-Real-Rejuvenate. Enjoy. 

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