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When possible, ingredients are sourced from our farm. Currently, we source goat milk, honey, olive oil, walnut shells, and lavender.


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Goat Milk

Fresh, untreated, organically and humanely raised goat milk.  Goat milk provides a host of benefits.  It is high is alpha hydroxy acids, primarily lactic acid, which helps to break down the bonds of dead skin cells, allowing healthy cells to thrive.  Packed with Vitamin A, this primary building block for your skin cells aids in tissue repair and has been shown to help control acne.  Selenium, a mineral naturally found in goat milk, rejuvenates UV-damaged skin.  Goat milk has the same pH as human skin.

Goat Ghee

Ghee is butter with all the milk proteins and sugars separated, leaving only the nourishing fat.  Ghee is said to penetrate all the skins layers, making it the ultimate moisturizer.

Coconut Water

Kinetin, artificially incorporated into high-end skin care lines, has been successful in treating and minimizing the effects of photo-damaged cells.  Highly hydrating, this natural ingredient increases skin elasticity.

Coconut Oil

Packed with Vitamin E to protect from UV rays and soothe irritated skin.  Has been shown to strengthen skin tissue and the antifungal properties help ease and minimize fungal skin irritations.

Avocado Oil

Increases collagen metabolism, which is beneficial for mature skin.  Full of beta-carotene to protect from UV rays.

Meadowfoam Oil

Resembles human sebum, locking in moisture without adding greasiness.

Shea Butter

High in the naturally available cinnamic acid, adding inflammatory properties.  Studies have shown it aids in wrinkle reduction.

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